This month my focus is on building my 90 day supply of food, with freezer meals!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Freezer Cooking - Baked Ziti -

This week I want to focus on more freezer dinners. It's going to be cold for the next few days, so it's the perfect time to not leave the house & use my oven (once June hits ... the oven will NOT be turned on again for the summer time).
So, this was today's addition to our freezer.
Baked Ziti. Using all food storage ingredients we already had on hand (and I used dehydrated onion instead of the fresh onion ... fresh onions are way too expensive here!). It was a lot yummier than I thought it would be, the kids all went back for seconds.
I tried a single batch of it before I did the bulk cooking & freezing. I was worried 8 oz. of pasta wouldn't be enough, but about a third of a large lasagna pan went in the fridge for leftovers.
So I made enough for four more dinners, and put them in my freezer.

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