This month my focus is on building my 90 day supply of food, with freezer meals!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Goal for April

So, I was going to focus on beans this month. But, an event yesterday got me thinking in a different route. I bargain shop, a lot. I have a large variety of random things in my home & in our food storage. But, we're running low on meat right now, because there hasn't been a great meat sale lately. Well, yesterday I got a phone call that put me into a panic. One of my visiting teaching gal's sons fell & broke his arm and was in the hospital having surgery ... so they were asking me to bring dinner. And you know how you want to bring a really great meal at those times? Well, I didn't really have anything "great" to offer.
Which got me thinking about my 90 day supply and how to better be prepared for those moments ... and for the moments when my son has a last minute book report to make, or life doesn't go as smoothly as I think it will.
I had read about freezer cooking before, but this month I'm going to work on it & build a better stash of ready to cook meals. I already buy hamburger in large quantities when it's on sale for $1 a pound, cook it and then bag it. And I also always make a few (usually 5 or 6) meatloafs at that same time.
But for myself, bulk cooking & freezing would work wonderfully for those last minute, unexpected moments ... or for the moments when I'm too busy doing nothing to want to worry about dinner. :)
I can't do that once a month cook fest (I have a family to take care of), and that would mean either bulk buying at HUGE quantities to keep a 90 day supply on hand. So, I'm going to focus on making huge batches of something each day.
Today, I made rolls. LOTS of them. I made 3 dozen honey whole wheat rolls, and then took that dough and also made 2 loaves of homemade bread to freeze as well. And then I made 5 dozen of these delicious sweet rolls. The sweet rolls are a family favorite that I'll make on Sunday's in my bread machine (set to the dough setting) while we're at church. The kids were literally jumping up and down they were so excited to get some (we'll definitely be having these for Easter).
If you're interested in bulk cooking or wondering if anyone has any good tips, I found this post helpful.

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