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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

-Oatmeal Recipes- Oatmeal Irish Soda Bread

Okay, so I debated even posting this recipe. But, I did try it and as a once a year only kind-of deal, I guess it would be okay. But seriously, St. Patty's Day would be the ONLY time of year I would actually make this again. Purely for the whole "we're having a fun Irish dinner" kind of deal. I made this recipe for Oatmeal Irish Soda Bread. My husband said it looked kind-of green ... which wasn't intentional. It's the first bread I've made in a REALLY long time that didn't turn out right AT ALL. I couldn't bribe my kids to eat it, even the baby turned it down. And don't ask me why I chose to eat it, but I regretfully did ... and suffered heartburn for the rest of the night.
A few substitutions I did:
  • I used my pre-mixed up powdered milk that I keep in my fridge (I have been using up a little over a #10 of powdered milk each month this way!).
  • I found a link that suggested adding 1 tbsp. vinegar to 1 c. milk to make buttermilk. Which I've done before in other recipes and it's been just fine before too.

Anyways, worth trying I guess. LOL. Hopefully next time produces a better result!

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