This month my focus is on building my 90 day supply of food, with freezer meals!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Food Storage Focus for March -Oats-

So I'm going to try and increase my food storage recipe bank. I need simple, basic recipes. Things that my children can & have & will eat again and again (on purpose).
I decided to start with oatmeal & increasing my recipe bank there first. So that will be the focus on March, using that grain! We just got our year's supply of oatmeal, and I've been surprised how hard it's been to find recipes for oatmeal besides chocolate chip cookies & oatmeal for breakfast.
As I've read more & more about food storage, I noticed something on the prudent homemaker's site. She said that their family is actually using 3x's the amount of food suggested by the church to store. I'm really curious to see how much I use up this next month with all the baking we'll be doing.
And my family is really excited to get to be the guinea pigs of the fun recipes I've been researching! :) And what was the joke my son pointed out??? Oh yeah, on Hannah Montana (Lord help me for letting them watch that!) the other day they called something "Nature's Broom" ... lol ... guess with all the recipes we'll be trying this month that might be happening over here.

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